April 30, 2011

Beauty Broadcast is also addictive

This iPhone is really starting some wonderful addictions. Angry Birds, YouTube (but that's nothing new), and now Beauty Broadcast (which shall be referred to from here on as BB). For those of you who aren't familiar (as many aren't) BB is basically a Facebook page that was started by YouTube guru EmilyNoel83, who works as a news anchor (and is amazing, if i do say so myself). The page is full of wonderful women who share their makeup and other beauty obsessions with each other, support each other in their no-buy conquests, and help each other by giving advice and reviews on products. We all support each other on our blogs and YouTube channels, also. All of this just fuels everyone's addiction so it's really quite counterproductive for all parties involved. But, we're okay with this.

Since my friend Kendyl told me about Beauty Broadcast, I have checked the page religiously and have found a lot of help along the way. Usually I am completely clueless when looking to buy foundation. I wander up and down the aisles just staring. I have never found a foundation that I can really really rely on. I've used some that are okay and work and I deal with it. But never have I had one that I loved. Until now.

A few days ago, the foundation I had been putting up with went empty. And dread set in. My thought process being, Great. Now I get to go waste two hours trying to bring myself to buy another foundation I won't love. But, lo and behold Beauty Broadcast! There are so many wonderful girls, and a few great guys, that have the same issues as myself. So, I simply posted that I was looking for a long wearing foundation and I described my skin type yada yada yada. Within fifteen minutes I had numerous recommendations for all kinds of foundations from drug store brands to high end brands. Well, currently, my max limit for foundation is about $15. One fan told me her dilemma and that she has the same skin type as me and she recommended the Revlon Color Stay foundation for combination skin. A lot of users and gurus rave about this foundation so i decided it was worth the $10.

And wow. That's all I can say about this foundation. I love it! It's long lasting, great coverage without being heavy (the liquid is actually fairly thin and runny, but I still have to use less than I was using before with a thicker foundation). It's a life saver. It also keeps my oily skin under control and keeps it from getting too shiny. It's so long lasting that I think I may have found the official wedding foundation! (Yes, I'm starting to get a list of "official" wedding makeup together.)

So, all in all, here's a shout out to my BB readers and I thank you all for subscribing to my blog and YouTube channel, and if your not a BB junkie, I recommend you check it out on Facebook (and maybe my YouTube channel too? Love you guys :)

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April 26, 2011

YouTube can be addicting...

Oh my...YouTube. It has become my new addiction. If I wasn't addicted before my iPhone, well, I am now. I love watching videos (especially makeup videos) and making videos. Even about the most absurd and random things, such as my more recent edit about a day shopping with Kendyl.

Today, I made a video in response to Kendyl's video. It showed how to reach the latest look in the makeup world...that freshly baked, overly done eyeliner, no lips look. You know...this one.

Yeah...if you desperately want to learn how to do this simply stunning makeup, click here. You will be amazed!

This is the first video like this that I have done, and I must say it was a lot of fun! Expect to see more in the future! I'm thinking maybe a Ke$ha inspired look for later this week, after I do another Coastal Scents review with some more of my products.

Some of my other videos include some montages from trips and seasons and holidays and the like, some makeup reviews and other makeup related things, and then just some randomness. And, hopefully more satire and comedy to come. YouTube just upgraded my account so now my videos can be longer than fifteen minutes. Yayy!!!

Alright, now I'm blabbering...check out my channel.  :)  I'd love you forever! xoxo

April 22, 2011

Her parents made her a pedophile magnet.

I swear that people these days are losing...well their losing lots of things including morals and standards. Let's take this fine example of parenting that I came across on YouTube last night, Jenna Rose. More specifically her "new" song "OMG." First you may think, I don't get it. Who is this Jenna girl? Well, that's what I thought, too. I had heard she was worse than Rebecca Black (who made my ears bleed slightly). Whatever, I looked it up and observed the monstrosity before my eyes. I want to ask you to go watch this video, but I'll spare you the pain and anguish.

Now, Rebecca Black is thirteen and produced a semi age appropriate Disney style music video with a Justin Bieber style annoying song, "Friday." No big deal, she's thirteen. Other than the end of the song talking about her going partying, it's age appropriate. Let's assume she's partying with ginger ale at her friend's sleepover.

Now let's move on to Jenna Rose. She is twelve. Twelve! and if you did go watch the video out of curiosity, you should be appalled right now and just repeating that in your head...twelve. The song makes no sense at all. It starts off with, "Take a picture baby, it'll last longer." Whoa. What? That was my reaction. She's TWELVE! Who let's their twelve year old sing something like that? It goes on to say that the girls are looking dib (whatever that means) and they're "shaking that boom boom" "all around and around and around and back again.". I have no idea what this is supposed to mean but I can guarantee that she shouldn't be saying it.

Now let's move on to her choice of apparel for this. Either she or her pedophile designer picked this out, because it sure as hell wasn't her parents. After you get past the shock of the hot pant shorts and mid-drift top, she comes out wearing a rather scandalous ballet costume. Now, if this were a performance of the Nutcracker and she was wearing that with her hair tied into a bun, whatever. But this definitely isn't the Nutcracker. This child, yes, child, is wearing two tons of makeup and wearing next to no clothing... I don't even know what else to say about this. One YouTuber from England (I can't remember her name) stated it perfectly, "Where are her parents? I hope she can say that her parents are dead because no sane parent would let their child do this". Oh was she right young British girl.

I believe I've ranted enough on this poor twelve year old. Well, not poor pity her. If she wants to act like an adult, then she can take the criticism like an adult.

Ps. I'm truly sorry if I have exposed you to this nonsense, but something must be done. Let's all take a word of advice from the movie Couples Retreat. "As long as you're living in my house, you're the Taliban and your body is a secret."

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April 19, 2011

The iPhone truly makes life easier

I've always been skeptical of apple products. Maybe it's because I was never familiar with them and I never learned how to turn on a Mac, much less use one. Even after my younger sister gave me her old iPod (after upgrading to an iPod touch), I just wasn't sold. Until I played with iPod touch. I fell in love with all the crazy apps (there really is an app for everything), the smooth operation, and the thin sleek appearance. Since that moment a few years ago, I have been eagerly waiting for the iPhone to be released to Verizon. And, finally, my friends, the day came. A few months after it's release, here I sit (well, lay in bed) with my new toy that has brought me hours of entertainment and productivity in the past few days.

Since getting my iPhone, I have found apps for all of my hobbies: baking, cooking, and even blogging. I've also found apps that find the cheapest gas in the area, the best grocery prices, and the healthiest food option ( which can be done by scanning the barcode on a specific item, and along with a food grade, it gives you similar options that are healthier for you). I've finally been able to stay caught up on my email, my Facebook notifications, my YouTube subscriptions, and everyone's tweets. I hate to say it, but I am officially a social networking junkie. But who wouldn't be if they could be this connected?

It's so easy to just google anything as soon as it comes to mind. Or to check for online grocery coupons while I'm trying to find cereal. And looking into gas prices at each gas station on my way to my destination without driving past them all first. Apple has made my life easier and less stressful (since I can job search while waiting in the doctor's office or doing laundry or even first thing in the morning). I'll even be able to keep all my blog posts up to date and hopefully be able to get back to doing the things I love while doing the things that have to get done.

I wish I could say I was getting paid to give the iPhone this raving review, but unfortunately, I'm not. (But that doesn't mean I'm not open to the idea, Steve.) So, here is to more blogging in the near future!

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April 12, 2011

DIY Wedding Bouquets

So, my wedding bouquet post is going to be earlier than planned, not that anyone will complain. I decided to visit my mom a little earlier than expected, and as I sit in the silence, I thought it would be a great time to show you guys the end result. I wish I would have thought to take pictures step by step of doing these, but, I did them months ago and there's no going back now! Here's my bridesmaid's, which there are four.

Pardon the basement in the background. :) So, with the wedding being in early September, I couldn't decide whether it should be a summer or fall wedding? I decided to go with a little of both and use sunflowers, but to pair them with a darker autumn shade of purple and ivory. (The reception will be lighter and more summery with sunflower, lemon, and lime decorations.) I got really excited when my fiancee decided to let me do purple, since the church is also decorated in purple and gold! Cheers for being able to match the venue!

For the flowergirl, I decided against the traditional little girl throwing flower down the aisle, and to give her a "big girl" bouquet, which I hope she will be as excited about as me! And here it is!

I used an ivory ribbon that has a small swirl pattern in it. Unfortunately, it doesn't show up in the pictures. I then used the same flowers as the bridesmaids, but with slightly smaller sunflowers so that they look proportionate to her tiny frame. And for some extra sparkle, I added a row of pearl and some rhinestones down the back to "tie" it all together. (I hope that wasn't too lame...)

Now, I will explain how I did these. Its much easier than it looks and I think that with a little help from the flower girls at the craft store, anyone (and I mean anyone!) can put these little babies together. Now, since my dress is more traditional (You'll have to wait until after the wedding to see those pictures!), I decided to use flowers with simple shapes and colors, rather than a more complex flower with more colors, like hydrangeas. Yes, hydrangeas are beautiful and can work with most weddings, but they were a little too bulky for what I was looking for. I chose the summer staple of the country wild flower, the sunflower, and then found some smaller purple and ivory flower that complimented it. I also found some ribbon to match the girls' dresses and an ivory ribbon for myself and the flower girl. I also used a very thin sheer green ribbon around the very top of the bouquets (I'm not sure its visible in the pictures) with a small pearl and rhinestone design, just for a small surprising detail. The green will also help tie in the reception and the men's bout's.

So, I get home and go...."Now what?" So, I started arranging them in my hand like you would when picking wildflowers and couldn't find anything that seemed appealing. I stopped myself and thought about which flowers would be the hardest to put together. The sunflowers to me seemed to be most difficult, since they were the largest. I took four of them and grouped them together, hot gluing them in the center. Then, I bent the stems until they seemed to be in the right position. (Thank heavens for wire in silk flowers!) Then, I slowly started putting in the other flowers to fill in the gaps, without too many purple or ivory flowers in one hole. I also hotglued those in, and decided to worry about the messy stems later.

I wanted to get some more greenery into the bouquet, so I found some long grass and then wanted to loop it through the bouquets, like one I had found online and fell in love with! I cut three pieces of grass off of the main stem and glued them together at one end, and then staggered them to all be different heights when they were folded over. And, guess how I put them in? Hotglue! I just found a place that wasn't very noticable, and glued it to a stem of one of the flowers. All in all, it wasn't very difficult, but a bit time consuming.

I then tightly wrapped each of the stem in the ribbon after I had tried to smooth the stems together. They're still a little bumpy, but with the girls holding them, it won't be super noticable and I'm not too worried about it. And now, drumroll please........is my bouquet!

Its only slightly bigger than the others, because I didn't want to distract from my dress very much by having a giant cluster of flowers in front of me. The dress cost more than the flowers, so I want people to be able to see it, silly! After all of the supplies, lots of hotglue burns, and many hours, all of the supplies for the bouquets and all of the bouts (including those for fathers, mothers, grandparents, and ushers!) was around $100.

How you ask? By catching these flowers on sale almost a whole YEAR in advance. As soon as last fall's flowers went on sale at the craft store, I bought all they had left in stock of what I needed for 80% to 90% off and used some coupons that I had gotten in the mail.

I hope this helps some frugal DIY brides, and I also hope to have some more posts up this week while I can have internet at my disposal. :) Thanks for reading!

April 11, 2011

Oh. My. Lanta.

Once again, it has been sooooo long since my last post and I am sincerely sorry! Since moving into our apartment last March, we haven't had the chance to get the internet hooked up, so that's made things quite difficult. I have taken under MANY craft and baking projects since my last post, and I hope that I can start to update you on some of them in the upcoming days and weeks and months. But, I will tell you now, things are going to be incredibly busy with the wedding coming up in only 5 months (ahhhh!). So, I apologize in advance.

My most recent endeavor has been learning how to crochet. I had previously tried to learn how to knit, and I quickly became bored with it. But, one day, while strolling around Wal-mart, I came across a copy of a crochet magazine that had oodles of afghan patterns in it. I just couldn't resist. So, I ran over to Hobby Lobby and picked up some bamboo-cotten blend yarn, that was incredibly soft, along with some different sized hooks and other necessities that I had never bought when I started knitting.

However, learning how to crochet started to prove to be much more challenging than learning to knit. After a few days of trying and watching a few YouTube videos, I decided that the yarn I had first bought was too smooth and didn't have enough texture for a beginner. Back to Hobby Lobby I go, and I find an adorable free pattern for a baby blanket. I think, "This looks easy enough," and I buy all the supplies to make this blanket. The yarn was a little heavier and had more texture than the previous bamboo-cotton, but was still super super soft. Well, the pattern was hard...

Back to YouTube I go to finally figure out this dang granny square pattern so I can still use this baby yarn. I stumbled upon a terrific YouTube channel, and thanks to Bethintx1, I can successfully knit a granny square!

Once I make a bunch of these puppies, I can sew them together and have a super soft afghan that I can store away for a gift, once one of my friends decides to have a little girl. No pressure here for anyone...

This weekend I'm visiting my mom, and I'll be sure to take pictures of my wedding bouquets and try and post a little how-to on how I made them. I'm sorry it'll be after the fact, but it should be helpful for DIY and low-budget brides. They were super easy, I promise!