April 30, 2011

Beauty Broadcast is also addictive

This iPhone is really starting some wonderful addictions. Angry Birds, YouTube (but that's nothing new), and now Beauty Broadcast (which shall be referred to from here on as BB). For those of you who aren't familiar (as many aren't) BB is basically a Facebook page that was started by YouTube guru EmilyNoel83, who works as a news anchor (and is amazing, if i do say so myself). The page is full of wonderful women who share their makeup and other beauty obsessions with each other, support each other in their no-buy conquests, and help each other by giving advice and reviews on products. We all support each other on our blogs and YouTube channels, also. All of this just fuels everyone's addiction so it's really quite counterproductive for all parties involved. But, we're okay with this.

Since my friend Kendyl told me about Beauty Broadcast, I have checked the page religiously and have found a lot of help along the way. Usually I am completely clueless when looking to buy foundation. I wander up and down the aisles just staring. I have never found a foundation that I can really really rely on. I've used some that are okay and work and I deal with it. But never have I had one that I loved. Until now.

A few days ago, the foundation I had been putting up with went empty. And dread set in. My thought process being, Great. Now I get to go waste two hours trying to bring myself to buy another foundation I won't love. But, lo and behold Beauty Broadcast! There are so many wonderful girls, and a few great guys, that have the same issues as myself. So, I simply posted that I was looking for a long wearing foundation and I described my skin type yada yada yada. Within fifteen minutes I had numerous recommendations for all kinds of foundations from drug store brands to high end brands. Well, currently, my max limit for foundation is about $15. One fan told me her dilemma and that she has the same skin type as me and she recommended the Revlon Color Stay foundation for combination skin. A lot of users and gurus rave about this foundation so i decided it was worth the $10.

And wow. That's all I can say about this foundation. I love it! It's long lasting, great coverage without being heavy (the liquid is actually fairly thin and runny, but I still have to use less than I was using before with a thicker foundation). It's a life saver. It also keeps my oily skin under control and keeps it from getting too shiny. It's so long lasting that I think I may have found the official wedding foundation! (Yes, I'm starting to get a list of "official" wedding makeup together.)

So, all in all, here's a shout out to my BB readers and I thank you all for subscribing to my blog and YouTube channel, and if your not a BB junkie, I recommend you check it out on Facebook (and maybe my YouTube channel too? Love you guys :)

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