April 22, 2011

Her parents made her a pedophile magnet.

I swear that people these days are losing...well their losing lots of things including morals and standards. Let's take this fine example of parenting that I came across on YouTube last night, Jenna Rose. More specifically her "new" song "OMG." First you may think, I don't get it. Who is this Jenna girl? Well, that's what I thought, too. I had heard she was worse than Rebecca Black (who made my ears bleed slightly). Whatever, I looked it up and observed the monstrosity before my eyes. I want to ask you to go watch this video, but I'll spare you the pain and anguish.

Now, Rebecca Black is thirteen and produced a semi age appropriate Disney style music video with a Justin Bieber style annoying song, "Friday." No big deal, she's thirteen. Other than the end of the song talking about her going partying, it's age appropriate. Let's assume she's partying with ginger ale at her friend's sleepover.

Now let's move on to Jenna Rose. She is twelve. Twelve! and if you did go watch the video out of curiosity, you should be appalled right now and just repeating that in your head...twelve. The song makes no sense at all. It starts off with, "Take a picture baby, it'll last longer." Whoa. What? That was my reaction. She's TWELVE! Who let's their twelve year old sing something like that? It goes on to say that the girls are looking dib (whatever that means) and they're "shaking that boom boom" "all around and around and around and back again.". I have no idea what this is supposed to mean but I can guarantee that she shouldn't be saying it.

Now let's move on to her choice of apparel for this. Either she or her pedophile designer picked this out, because it sure as hell wasn't her parents. After you get past the shock of the hot pant shorts and mid-drift top, she comes out wearing a rather scandalous ballet costume. Now, if this were a performance of the Nutcracker and she was wearing that with her hair tied into a bun, whatever. But this definitely isn't the Nutcracker. This child, yes, child, is wearing two tons of makeup and wearing next to no clothing... I don't even know what else to say about this. One YouTuber from England (I can't remember her name) stated it perfectly, "Where are her parents? I hope she can say that her parents are dead because no sane parent would let their child do this". Oh was she right young British girl.

I believe I've ranted enough on this poor twelve year old. Well, not poor pity her. If she wants to act like an adult, then she can take the criticism like an adult.

Ps. I'm truly sorry if I have exposed you to this nonsense, but something must be done. Let's all take a word of advice from the movie Couples Retreat. "As long as you're living in my house, you're the Taliban and your body is a secret."

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