April 11, 2011

Oh. My. Lanta.

Once again, it has been sooooo long since my last post and I am sincerely sorry! Since moving into our apartment last March, we haven't had the chance to get the internet hooked up, so that's made things quite difficult. I have taken under MANY craft and baking projects since my last post, and I hope that I can start to update you on some of them in the upcoming days and weeks and months. But, I will tell you now, things are going to be incredibly busy with the wedding coming up in only 5 months (ahhhh!). So, I apologize in advance.

My most recent endeavor has been learning how to crochet. I had previously tried to learn how to knit, and I quickly became bored with it. But, one day, while strolling around Wal-mart, I came across a copy of a crochet magazine that had oodles of afghan patterns in it. I just couldn't resist. So, I ran over to Hobby Lobby and picked up some bamboo-cotten blend yarn, that was incredibly soft, along with some different sized hooks and other necessities that I had never bought when I started knitting.

However, learning how to crochet started to prove to be much more challenging than learning to knit. After a few days of trying and watching a few YouTube videos, I decided that the yarn I had first bought was too smooth and didn't have enough texture for a beginner. Back to Hobby Lobby I go, and I find an adorable free pattern for a baby blanket. I think, "This looks easy enough," and I buy all the supplies to make this blanket. The yarn was a little heavier and had more texture than the previous bamboo-cotton, but was still super super soft. Well, the pattern was hard...

Back to YouTube I go to finally figure out this dang granny square pattern so I can still use this baby yarn. I stumbled upon a terrific YouTube channel, and thanks to Bethintx1, I can successfully knit a granny square!

Once I make a bunch of these puppies, I can sew them together and have a super soft afghan that I can store away for a gift, once one of my friends decides to have a little girl. No pressure here for anyone...

This weekend I'm visiting my mom, and I'll be sure to take pictures of my wedding bouquets and try and post a little how-to on how I made them. I'm sorry it'll be after the fact, but it should be helpful for DIY and low-budget brides. They were super easy, I promise!

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