April 26, 2011

YouTube can be addicting...

Oh my...YouTube. It has become my new addiction. If I wasn't addicted before my iPhone, well, I am now. I love watching videos (especially makeup videos) and making videos. Even about the most absurd and random things, such as my more recent edit about a day shopping with Kendyl.

Today, I made a video in response to Kendyl's video. It showed how to reach the latest look in the makeup world...that freshly baked, overly done eyeliner, no lips look. You know...this one.

Yeah...if you desperately want to learn how to do this simply stunning makeup, click here. You will be amazed!

This is the first video like this that I have done, and I must say it was a lot of fun! Expect to see more in the future! I'm thinking maybe a Ke$ha inspired look for later this week, after I do another Coastal Scents review with some more of my products.

Some of my other videos include some montages from trips and seasons and holidays and the like, some makeup reviews and other makeup related things, and then just some randomness. And, hopefully more satire and comedy to come. YouTube just upgraded my account so now my videos can be longer than fifteen minutes. Yayy!!!

Alright, now I'm blabbering...check out my channel.  :)  I'd love you forever! xoxo

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