May 18, 2011

Lots of Wedding DIY!

The past few days, I have been really busy with all of this DIY stuff for the wedding. Since the whole wedding is DIY, there has been a lot to keep track of! But, in the end, we're hoping that it will pay off and our guests will have had a night to remember!

The first DIY project that I finished lately, were the headbands for my bridesmaids and flower girl. It was just a simple project that involved wrapping some plain headbands in matching ribbon in our colors. Easy? Yes. Time comsuming? Nah....Yes. Very. I had five to make total. (And was silly enough to not take any pictures of the process.) But it was easy. I simply super glued the ribbon to one of the headband and placed small dots of glue on the INSIDE of the headband (so that if the glue leaked through it didn't miscolor the visible side) and wrapped the ribbon around...and around and around and around and around... But, I'm very pleased with how they turned out.

DIY #2 of the week. Making our ring bearer "pillow." Earlier in the week, I had been surfing for some cheap ring pillows, since the ones at the store are so costly. I had come across these adorable little bird nest "pillows" that I absolutely fell in love with! And they were only $15.00!!! So much better than the $35.00 at the store. But, they looked easy and I figured that I would scope out the materials first to see how much I could save in just making it myself. Turns out, I found that materials for about $10.00, therefore saving me about $5.00 plus shipping. And it only took about ten minutes of my time at most. So, it was worth the $5.00 or so.

To make this adorable little guy, was so easy. I found the bird nest at Michael's for about $3.00. It's small, for sure (about 4 inches wide), but it will perfectly fit into a child's hands. I then bought a bag of moss, for about $4.00, and took out a small piece and hot glued it into the bottom of the nest. Followed by some little faux eggs ($2.00) and last but not least, a ribbon bow in ivory to match our colors. And, voila! All done! I glued a long ribbon to the bottom so that we can tie it around his hand or finger if we need to.

DIY #3 was my "something blue." I had found this idea on The Knot discussion boards and just thought it was the cutest idea. I'm not a fan of blue, so I didn't want anything too obvious. I bought a small piece of blue satin for 37 cents at Hobby Lobby and then some iron on embroidery letters to make a monogram ($1 each). Its only about two or three inches wide, so its not very big. I'm not sure where to have it sewn in, but I'll talk to my seamstress about it and we'll figure something out.

And my last set of DIY for the week, our invitation and RSVP cards. I had bought things to make all of this MONTHS ago, hoping to get a head start. And, after me and Adam sucked it up a few weekends ago, we got half of them done and everything cut. So really, all that needs to be done now, is to put them together and print them. So, its really not a lot of work left to do. It's just time consuming and rather boring. So, that is my mission for the rest of the week. Get these dang these done and packaged and ready to be mailed very soon!

After all of this DIY is done, I'll move on'm not sure. I guess then at that point we'll be mostly caught up and the rest will just be buying reception decorations and executing all of our plans. Sounds like a good deal to me!

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