June 14, 2011

I'm a sucker for blogs...

I never was big into reading blogs until I found the Beauty Broadcast page on Facebook. I had my blog that I updated occasionally and at one point I had a livejournal that served as my diary. But, I couldn't get into reading anyone else's. Until now. I have four blogs that I read regularly and have fallen in love with!

The first blog I started reading was Young House Love. It follows the DIY home projects of a young couple in their adorable home with their adorable daughter! I recommend it for some DIY inspiration! (I also got a lot of wedding inspiration from their wedding posts!)

Blog number two is Beauty Broadcast, naturally. This is Emily Eddington's beauty addiction in print and she gives some great insight into new products and techniques.

Number three is Grace and Beauty. This girl is a hoot, and I absolutely love her blog and her YouTube channel! Check her blog (and current Victoria's Secret lipgloss giveaway) at www.grace-and-beauty.com.

Number four is Vibrancy on a Brush. Maggie is a fellow Beauty Broadcast junkie :) She is so sweet and posts short little blips of her makeup of the day, nail polish of the day, and her thoughts on products she has recently used.

Be sure to check out all of these wonderful blogs and subscribe :)

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  1. Aww you are too sweet! I'm so glad you like my blog enough to share it haha

    I enjoy yours as well :)