October 21, 2011

Cutsie Onesies!

A few weeks ago, we had the chance to go back up to Joliet and visit our friends and family for the weekend. My now step-sister-in-law had recently had a baby a few weeks before our wedding, and I was so excited that I finally had a chance to make some adorable onesies for a precious, little girl! We unfortunately didn't get a chance to visit them, but I made sure to leave these gifts with family, to make sure that they got into the right hands.

I had found these ideas MANY weeks ago on Pinterest and just thought that they were the most adorable things I had ever seen, and couldn't wait for wedding stuff to be over so that I could have a chance to make these.

The first one I made was the more "time consuming" one of the two, but it was still fairly easy and requires minimum sewing abilities, I promise.

Start with any color and color onesie that you would like. I chose this soft pink in a 6 month size. Since I couldn't find any long sleeve onesies, I chose a bigger size so that she can wear it this coming spring, maybe with a cute little sweater! Then, you want to head over to the fabric department, and find any color jersey knit that you would like, then ask for about a quarter of a yard. This is just regular soft T-shirt material, and you won't use a whole lot. You could even use a regular T-shirt if you don't find the color fabric you would like. I love the look of pink with gray, so this is what I chose. (Jersey knit is usually very cheap! I believe I only paid a little over $1.00 for this quarter yard.)

Now, when you get home, find four or five circular objects of all different sizes. Each "flower" will be made of these circles. Think about how many flowers you would like. The bigger size onesie, the more flowers you will probably want to use. I only did three, because my flowers were fairly large. After you've decided on a game-plan, trace and cut out all of your circles for the flowers. Stack them on top of each other and sew a few stitches through the middle to hold them together.

Now, you'll want to lay our your flowers on the onesie and decided on a design. Once you've planned this out, place some stitches through the center of the flowers to sew them onto the onesie. Remember, this will be worn by a baby, and babies pull on things! More stitches is better here than not enough. I then held up the onesie to see where the flowers were falling and tacked up the falling petals in a few places, just to make sure that they laid nicely.

And you're done! The jersey knit doesn't need to be hemmed, because it won't fray. After it's been laying out for a bit, the edges will start to curl up for more texture.

The second onesie I made involves painting and just a tiny bit of sewing. I love the classic look of this "little black dress" with a classy pearl necklace and sparkly bow.

I started with a black onesie. For the paint, I used a matte white, metallic white, and white glitter fabric paint. I used two different sized dotters. (I found these "dotters" in the aisle with hobby paintbrushes. You could use regular sponge dotters, but these provided a crisper "pearl.")

I started with the matte white paint, and dotted three necklaces around the neckline. Once it dried, I went over the matte white paint, with the metallic white paint, followed by the glitter paint. I used a sheer sparkly ribbon to make a bow and sewed the center onto the side of the strands. I also placed a few stitches in the loops to help keep it secure. I'm hoping that the bow isn't too high. I would hate for it to be too high and always be in her face! But, I think it's okay.

And you're done making some incredibly cute, affordable, and easy gifts for the little girl in your life! You could also very easily put these onto regular T-shirts for a toddler. I have a few more onesie projects that I would like to try, so be watching for those around Christmas!

Enjoy! And, I always love seeing the results of your projects!


  1. Maloriee loved them thank you. Where are you getting some of your ideas from? I need to start thinking of some things because christmas is right around the corner.

  2. I get a lot of my ideas from Pinterest and some apps that I have on my phone (FoodGawker and CraftGawker). There are great ideas on there!

  3. Super cute!:) I was like ummm, why is she making onesies????