November 2, 2011

The Photo Wall

Now that the wedding is over and the house is starting to resemble a home, it's time to start decorating. I've been wanting to do a photo wall collage behind the couch, since we already have some random pictures from the apartment that have no new home in the new home (ironic, eh?) Here is some of my inspiration.
How fun is this collage!
I love the little pops of color!
No credits were given for this photo on the site where I found it.
I love thet mixture of photos, empty frames, mirrors, and other items.
The all black really makes the photos pop!
And the mixture between matting and no-matting really adds some interest.
Well, it looks like I'll be hitting up the dollar store soon to find some frames that can be spray painted black! All of the other frames are already black, and I was previously undecided about whether to use all black frames, or to mix it up a bit. I think I've decided on all black frames, but with colored accents, like the fun letters in the collage from DramaCopy.

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