December 19, 2011

Photo Collage Wall

It seems like my last post was forever ago! (And it was!) I have a few updates for you! The first being the photo collage wall that my last post was about. A few days after that post, I had started looking around for frames. I decided that for me, it didn't make a difference between expensive wooden frames or cheaper plastic frames. In a home with three animals and panelling walls, I was afraid of a cat (or dog who thinks he's a cat) running into the wall and the vibration knocking it off and shattering the glass of a wooden frame. So, these plastic $2 frames will do just fine for us.

The process of putting this up was long and tedious...It took a lot longer than I was expecting! First, I laid out my collage and figured out how I would like it arranged on the wall. I then traced each item onto newspaper. I also marked where the nails would need to be for each item to hang.

After laying it all out and tracing it onto paper, I taped the shapes on the wall so that I could get the spacing just right. (This took a lot longer than I would have thought!) Now here is where the nail marks come in. Simply hammer the nails or screws into the wall right where you marked it on the newspaper.

Now, this would go a lot faster than it did for me if you mark the hang points in the right right spots...Apparently I did some of them wrong...And now, is the easy part! Just hang it all up! (This may also be easier said than done...I fought with these shelves for HOURS! And they're still not completely level and against the wall...I gave up.)

Now, if you have shelves, you can add your cute little knick knacks! I love the look of adding items that are not only photos, like the "C" on the wooden plaque that I found at Garden Ridge on clearance. (It was a great $3 steal!) The shadow boxes I made shortly after we had our engagement pictures done. Now I just need to print some wedding photos and everyday photos to fill the rest of the frames.

And here is our semi finished product! I wish the pictures would hang perfectly straight...But they are light plastic frames, so I guess that's what I get.

Happy Hanging!


  1. Get some command strips, the flat kind, and put them on the frames so they will stick to the wall and sit straight. I did it with a mirror on my wall and it worked great!

  2. Ps I may need you to come by and help me with my photo wall. I have some shadow box shelves that I want to put up, but was just going to put them up on their own, but I think I'd rather have some picture frames and such around them!